Sony SmartWatch MN2 Review – SmartMan’s best friend!


    After SmartPhones & Tablet PCs , SmartWatches are ready to storm up the tech world with great user-friendly time-saving features and cool looks. We look into the 1st generation of Sony SmartWatch MN2 which played an important role in popularising the wearable gadgets among the gadgets freaks and the 2nd generation Sony SmartWatch i.e. the Sony SmartWatch SW2  is on the way. You can click here to know more about the upcoming SmartWatch 2 with few significant changes like inclusion of NFC and a better battery.


Price and compatibility

Now, though the 1st SmartWatch had the price tag of around 8500 Rs ~ 150$ at launch, it’s now available at below the 6000 Rs ~ 100$ mark. Sony has moved to ‘Smart Connect” app from “LiveWare Manager” for syncing the watch with the phone.  Any Android phone having Android 4.0 or higher can install the “Smart Connect” app and older ones can still use the “LiveWare manager”, so basically almost all the Android phones are compatible with this SmartWatch.


Things you can do

There are a lot of things can be done with this SmartWatch  like-

  • Access Facebook
  • Access Twitter
  • Access Gmail
  • Read SMS
  • Read MMS
  • Get missed call notification
  • Get calendar/reminder notification
  • Read email
  • As a camera viewfinder
  • Access phonebook & call a person
  • Control music player on the phone
  • Find phone
  • Get weather info
  • Get time and date info like a normal clock with a number of background options


There are couple of 3rd party apps available for taking notes, playing simple games like tic-tac-toe, using calculator etc. You don’t have to check your phone every time you get a notification, the SmartWatch will vibrate and let you know what notification you have got on your Android.



This SmartWatch features a 1.3″ OLED with 125×125 px resolution and 65K colors. Overall, texts are easily readable and color reproduction is okay though the sunlight legibility is poor. The display is multi-touch capable, you have to tap/pinch with 2-fingers to go back to the previous screen and to unlock the device, you have to just double tap on the display. The dimensions of the case is 36x36x8 mm and weighs only 15.5g. The detachable silica wristband weighs 26g and there is a metallic adapter comes free with this watch for connecting any standard strap to it. The SmartWatch communicates with the phone through BlueTooth 3.0 . The sync speed is good though the battery backup of this remarkable device isn’t something to be proud of. You will hardly get a full day backup if you use the watch for browsing facebook, twitter etc, otherwise for getting notifications and checking time, the battery backup is acceptable.


Overall, the SmartWatch MN2 is a great piece of gadget and a must have device for the gadget lovers. It’s now cheap and has great features to show off, so grab one for your SmartPhone.



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