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  • Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is the Best Phone of 2017!

    Want the best? Galaxy S8 & S8+ are your only choices! In this episode, I’ll discuss about 20 reasons why Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are the best phones you can buy!  

  • Top 10 Mobile Phones [High End] in India – 2013, April

    All the premium smartphone manufacturers have recently launched their flagship models for 2013 with bunch of new features and hardware upgrades. Looks like this 2013 is the golden year of mobile phones – reaching the best they can and mobile phones have become the most desirable gadget these days. People now care about their phones [...]

  • Top 10 High End Mobile Phones in India (22K+) – January, 2013

    Here are the best of the best mobile phones available in India at this moment. In this ranking, I have considered the high end mobile phones priced above Rs. 22,000.